6 Ways to Prevent Fungal Foot Infections

6 Ways to Prevent Fungal Foot Infections

posted: Jun. 22, 2021.

Ah, the good old summertime, and at NextGen Foot & Ankle Care Centers, we know many of our Pasadena patients are looking forward to kicking off their shoes and letting their feet enjoy the fresh air. Before you do, however, remember that bacterial and fungal infections like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus spread by coming in direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Below are six tips to ensure a fungal infection doesn’t spoil your summer fun.

  1. Cover your feet in public places. When you’re at the town pool or a lake or beach, use your flip-flops or shower shoes while walking around and in the restrooms and changing areas.
  2. Wash feet every day with soap and warm water. Dry feet completely, giving extra attention to the space between your toes—that’s where athlete’s foot often starts.
  3. Inspect your feet regularly. Look for signs of a rash developing, skin that’s red, flaky, dry, or itchy. Toenail fungus may first appear as white spots or discoloration of the nail and then progress to thickening and crumbling around the edges. If you have diabetes, it’s particularly important to keep a close eye on your feet and report any potential signs of a foot infection to our podiatrists, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, and Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, promptly to avoid complications.
  4. Keep feet dry. Don’t let your feet sit for long periods in damp socks. Dark, moist places are fungi’s favorite breeding grounds. If your feet perspire heavily, be sure to start the day with a dusting of anti-fungal powder and keep extra socks with you to change as needed.
  5. Don’t share.  Shoes, socks, nail clippers, files, and other items that touch another person’s feet can spread infection.
  6. Prevent infection spread. Fungal infections can quickly spread from person to person. If someone in your home has an infection, be sure they use their towel and don’t share a bed with another family member.

Fungal infections can be uncomfortable and annoying, but they are rarely a serious medical problem. Your best bet is to get them evaluated and treated promptly at our Glendale (818) 416-3668, South Pasadena (818) 779-6140 or Glendale (818) 756-3338 office.

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