Commit to Better Foot Care

Commit to Better Foot Care

posted: Aug. 18, 2021.

At NextGen Foot & Ankle Care Centers we know that our Pasadena patients do love their feet. Each August we have the chance to show our feet just how much they mean to us on National “I Love My Feet” Day. Just as in any good relationship, there needs to be commitment and attention given to keep both partners happy. Your feet certainly do their part—taking you wherever you want to go and enabling you to enjoy the many activities you love. Here are a few ways you can take better care of them.

Follow a Regular Care Regimen—It doesn’t take much to give your feet the basics they need to stay healthy. Daily washing with soap and water, some talcum or antifungal powder in the morning to keep feet dry and a slathering of moisturizing lotion before bed will do the trick.

Wear Good Shoes—If we had to pick one thing that would be the best protection against foot pain and problems it would be wearing supportive shoes that fit properly. Look for styles that have wiggle room for your toes and are made out of breathable materials. Keep heel height to less than 2 inches. Replace shoes when they are worn out.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices—You may not realize it, but there are many ways to improve the health of your feet that seem to have nothing to do with your feet. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet will give your feet the calcium, vitamins and minerals they need to function properly and can help reduce inflammation. Maintaining a healthy weight decreases strain on feet. Exercise improves circulation and keeps your feet and the rest of your body flexible. Quitting smoking improves blood flow and eliminates harmful chemicals that can damage nerves in your feet and elsewhere.

Treat Foot Pain Promptly—Pay attention to your feet. If they hurt or you notice unusual symptoms such as swelling, bruising, lumps, discoloration of skin or nails, , contact  our Glendale (818) 416-3668, South Pasadena (818) 779-6140 or Glendale (818) 756-3338 office for an appointment so that our podiatrists, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan and Dr. Samvel Keshishyan can evaluate your condition and prescribe the correct treatment.

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