Cosmetic Foot Surgery in Glendale, CA

Cosmetic Foot Surgery is a branch of foot surgery that carries an unfortunate stigma in the Foot and Ankle community. Some believe that plastic surgery is the only profession that should be allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, plastic surgeons are not trained to perform orthopedic or podiatric procedures, leaving a void in medical care.

Cosmetic vs Unnecessary

It can get difficult in determining if a procedure is unnecessary and purely cosmetic or whether the patient is experiencing true symptoms from their condition. Symptoms can entail both mental and physical which negatively affect ones happiness and ability to live a meaningful life. That is where cosmetic foot surgery plays an important role in the community, and where Next Generation Foot and Ankle can impact a patients life positively.

NextGenFoot’s Approach To Cosmetic Surgery

We approach Cosmetic Foot Surgery much the same way as regular deformity correction surgery is approached. The smallest possible incision is made to precisely and accurately visualize the deformity (using x-ray, ultrasound, and vision) and re-align the foot to a natural anatomic position. Incisions are closed with dissolve-able stitches that save you from the painful removal of stitches. This is much the way our Cosmetic Bunion and Hammertoe procedures are performed here by the skilled surgeons at our office in Glendale, California.

We at Next Generation Glendale Foot and Ankle agree that cosmetic foot surgery should be reserved for severe cases that are affecting a patient’s ability to live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.

Let’s Not Go Loco, Though!

Of course, cosmetic surgery of any kind should not be the first line treatment for any condition. If you are able to live a happy and meaningful life without the procedure, then you should not expose yourself unnecessarily to the potential complications associated with anesthesia and surgery.

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