Encourage Your Child to Play Sports Safely

Encourage Your Child to Play Sports Safely

posted: Jul. 07, 2021.

During the month of July, we at NextGen Foot & Ankle Care Centers celebrate National Youth Sports Week, a National Council on Youth Sports program that promotes healthy lifestyles for children and families through sports. There are many good reasons for Pasadena children to play a sport:

  • It helps children get and stay physically fit.
  • Fights obesity and excess weight gain
  • Increases focus
  • Improves mood
  • Fosters positive character traits such as leadership, cooperation, and teamwork.

These benefits are particularly welcome after the last year where most of our youth were isolated and sedentary.

Getting Started

There is such a wide variety of sports options available today. Encourage your child to try different ones until they find a sport they enjoy. It’s easier for a child to stick with an activity they find fun! To ensure safe participation in sports, consider the following tips:

  • Start with a good pair of shoes. Properly fitted, supportive sneakers, preferably with laces, maybe all that a young child needs to play. Once your child has settled into a sport, they wish to pursue long-term, consider getting athletic shoes designed specifically for their sport. Different sports require different movements of the feet, and today’s shoes are designed to provide sport-specific safety and support.
  • Look for a program that promotes sound sports practices. Children need to learn the correct moves for a sport and include stretching, warmups, and cooldowns.
  • Choose a team that suits your family’s schedule. If you’re worried about a sport “taking over” your family life, pick a local team that has limited practices and games in town.
  • Don’t ignore foot or ankle pain. If your child tells you their feet are hurting, make an appointment at our Glendale (818) 416-3668, South Pasadena (818) 779-6140 or Glendale (818) 756-3338 office so that our podiatrists, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan and Dr. Samvel Keshishyan can examine your child’s feet and determine if an injury has occurred or there is an underlying podiatric problem.
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