Get Rid of Fall Risks in Your Home

Get Rid of Fall Risks in Your Home

posted: May 18, 2021.

May is Older Americans Month and an excellent time for us at NextGen Foot & Ankle Care Centers to address a significant concern facing our senior Pasadena patients. Falls are responsible for more than 37 million serious injuries, enough to require medical attention in people aged 60 and older. Many seniors mistakenly think if they stay home, they’ll avoid falls. The reality is, however, that 60% of falls happen inside the home. Ask a family member or friend to do a walk-through of your home with you to spot trip and fall hazards. Below are some ways you can fall-proof your home and significantly decrease your risk of taking a spill.

  • Light up the entrances. Start at the entry points of your home: the front and back doors and the garage to make sure there is adequate lighting. Check cement and steps for cracks or loose pieces your toe might get caught on.
  • Add extra railings. Make stairs safer by putting railings on both sides of staircases for added stability.
  • Within easy reach. Rearrange cabinets and shelves so frequently used items are in the front and not too high up. Use higher shelves for seasonal or specialty items that someone can come and get down in advance when needed.
  • Better bathrooms. It is one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the house. Water and steam can make surfaces more slippery. Put grab bars in the shower and around the toilet. Add non-slip strips to the tub or shower floor.
  • Remove tripping hazards. Electrical cords that stretch across walkways, piles of magazines, plants, and furniture with legs hidden by upholstery all invite a fall. Replace carpet that’s frayed or has deep wear spots and get rid of throw rugs completely.

Keeping your feet healthy and pain-free and wearing shoes that fit correctly will also significantly decrease your risk of falling. If you are currently experiencing foot or ankle pain, contact our offices in Glendale (818) 416-3668, South Pasadena (818) 779-6140, or Glendale (818) 756-3338, so our podiatrists, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan, and Dr. Samvel Keshishyan can evaluate your condition and prescribe the proper treatment.

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