Summer Pitfalls to Avoid for Diabetic Patients

Summer Pitfalls to Avoid for Diabetic Patients

posted: Jun. 29, 2021.

At NextGen Foot & Ankle Care Centers, we know the best way for our Glendale patients with diabetes to protect their feet and avoid complications from this disease is by being proactive in foot care. Nerve damage is frequently associated with diabetes. This presents several potential issues that can increase your risk for wounds and ulcers, including nerve damage which decreases sensation and normal nerve functions like oil secretion to keep skin supple. Summer brings its own set of challenges for patients with diabetes. Below are some scenarios to help illustrate potential problems and how to avoid them:

A Quick Trip to the Mailbox

Even though you know it’s not advisable to go barefoot if you have diabetes, you may think a short walk out to the mailbox and back shouldn’t cause any harm. Unfortunately, it’s not about the amount of time you walk barefoot—it’s about the hazards it exposes your feet to. On hot summer days, the asphalt on a driveway gets hot enough to burn the soles of your feet in very little time. You can also step on a sharp stone or sustain a puncture wound from a stick or other debris in the driveway. Consider a pair of sturdy slippers with an outdoor tread that works both indoors and out.

An Afternoon at the Pool

There’s nothing more lovely than enjoying a day at the community pool with friends, but beware of two potential dangers: sunburn and fungal infections. Remember to apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of your feet as often as you apply it to the rest of your body. Reapply after swimming or every two hours, whichever comes first. Slip your shower shoes or flip-flops on before heading to the restroom to avoid coming in contact with fungi and bacteria that can cause athlete’s foot and fungal toenails.

Spending All Day in Summer Sandals

While open-style shoes are light and breezy in the summer and show off your pedicure, long-term wear of them can cause the skin to dry out faster than normal due to exposure to air and sun. If you like this type of footwear, be sure to use a rich moisturizer every night and try not to wear sandals every day.

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