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Serving as a podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist in Glendale, California, Dr. Samvel Keshishyan understands the wide range of foot and ankle injuries and abnormalities that can lead to pain and deformity. These can be minor such as hammertoes, bunions, or nail abnormalities. Or they can be more severe such as ankle fractures, achilles ruptures, end stage arthritis.
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Glendale Podiatry Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery allows for perfect correction in a virtually painless, scarless procedure!

Sports Medicine

Long abscences from the field or track are a thing of the past. New techniques allow for quicker return to activity at a high level using the same modalities as those used on professional and collegiate athletes.


Foot deformities should not hamper your ability to walk painlessly. Dr. Keshishyan was trained in complex deformity foot reconstruction.

Foot pain can have a profound impact on quality of life. Half of all adults say that foot pain has restricted their activities—like walking, exercising, working, or playing with grandchildren—in some way. For those with chronic foot pain, that number jumps to 83 percent. People say they would exercise more (39 percent) and participate in more activities (41 percent) if it weren’t for their foot pain.

"Podiatrists are physicians, surgeons, and specialists. We're ready and able to treat diseases, injuries, and deformities of the foot and ankle, as well as the foot problems Americans experience most often: heel pain, plantar fasciitis, nail fungus, and foot odor," said Dr. Samvel Keshishyan. "We can also catch signs of diabetes, arthritis, and nerve and circulatory disorders, all of which can be detected in the feet."

In addition, more than a third (34 percent) of those who visited a podiatrist said their podiatrist helped identify another health-related issue they had, such as diabetes, circulatory problems, or nerve issues.

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Our commitment to servicing our patients with top quality of care coupled with down to earth humanism is a major reason why we have such great reputation in our community! We try to avoid things that frustrate even us, striving to provide short wait times and a happy environment.

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Aesthetic Bunion


Tiny incision, virtually invisible scar

Immediate weight bearing

Minimal postoperative pain

No painful suture removal!

Faster Recovery

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Toe Straightening


Painful hammertoes and contractures

Hidden incision approach. No ugly scars!

Less swelling, quicker recovery, with no painful suture removal!

Walk immediately after!

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Dr. Samvel Keshishyan

  • Foot and Ankle Surgical Residency at Geisinger Health
  • Doctorate from Western University of Health Sciences
  • Speaks English, Spanish, and Armenian
  • Hobbies: Cycling, Football, Basketball, Technology


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